Road & Parking Lot Construction

At Mianco Infrastructure, road construction services involve building new roads and improving existing roadways.

Our construction services include grading, cut/fill operations, cement treated base stabilization, installing granular base course, and asphalt and concrete surface pavements. Mianco Infrastructure specializes in all aspects of parking lot construction including site preparation, grading and drainage, electrical servicing for lighting and signage as required and the installation of concrete curbs, sidewalks, asphalt and concrete pavements. We also provide markings and landscaping as required to create an attractive finished environment.

Road Construction & Rehabilitation

At Mianco Infrastructure, we take great pride in our elaborate skills and expertise in road construction and rehabilitation. We are an ideal candidate for jobs such as:

  • New road construction
  • Full-depth road repair
  • Curb, or curb and gutter construction
  • Building flood control, flood prevention, and earthwork protective structures.
  • Reconstruction, restoration or rehabilitation of culverts or grade separations
  • Shoulder resurfacing
  • Installation of new culverts, wash checks, baffles, drains, sewers, and catch basins, Retaining walls