Preconstruction Services

We make preconstruction services easy.

With us, you are always updated on decisions made about your project and it's you who has the last word, including in the design phase.

So rely on us and enjoy every step we take towards building your dreams!
Clear overview

Solid Base Constructions use their expertise to permanently evaluate and compare construction services that could benefit you. We keep an eye on the market, we strive for the best prices and we collaborate with the design team on a continuous basis. Everything, from materials to necessary documents, are overseen by us in order to provide the best final product to you, with no impact on quality, functionality or visual aspect.

Why preconstruction services with us?


Save money thanks to our in-depth cost analysis, efficient construction plans and deadline-ruled approach. We can also tailor construction budgets to fit your needs, with no risks or implication on the final product.

Good timing

We know that doing things perfectly takes time, so we use time wisely. On the other hand, we hate delays as much as you do and we will never waste a day, even when unforeseen events might stop us from keeping to the predefined track.

Construction Planning

We don't start until we know where we want to get, so having a clear plan is vital to us. All details and all project specifications are considered before proceeding. Because having an overall construction plan will make the difference between good and outstanding quality.

Top risk-management

Money and market changes can impact your construction process seriously. Unless you have a great risk-management plan that can anticipate many of the risks associated with construction! By choosing us, you choose the safe way to sound results!

Smart solutions

We permanently look to invest in innovative products and techniques, which takes our company one step ahead of many others on the market. Our high standards of quality apply to everything, from evaluating design and construction solutions, to providing money-saving methods to building and maintenance.

Procurement & Expediting

Solid Base Constructions are very much aware of the importance of procurement and expediting, so we keep that in mind at all stages of our collaboration.