Construction Management

Getting the construction you want at the high quality standards you deserve takes a smart approach and that's always foremost for a construction management contract

It guarantees you spotless communication from the very beginning between all agents involved in the process, such as the design team, contractors, suppliers and any other agency needed to get your plans ahead.

We are a premium construction company who are always ready to meet a large variety of expectations and able to adapt when it comes to types of contracts and fee structures, such as cost plus, percentage fee, fixed fee etc.

Why Construction Management with us?

Solidbase Constructions take every step needed in order to get your plans finalised within your budget expectations and at the best standards of quality. We invest in people and we encourage our employees and partners to treat your building plans as their own. This is why we often come up with alternative construction methods and innovative materials that improve your final product without adding to costs.

We can also offer advice free of any obligation or charge at any stage of the collaboration, permanently striving to minimize costs and risks associated with medium or long-term projects such as those specific to the building industry. We are indeed on your side from very beginning all the way to ribbon cutting.