LEED Professionals

We have more than ??? Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) professionals ready to offer you cutting-edge information and support when it comes to building green.

With their help, you can see why investing in sustainable materials and technology can offer long-term benefits to your construction. Easy, quick, reliable – this is what sustainable building advice is to us!

More than that, our professionals can offer consultancy on sustainability at all stages of the project, always having you and your long-term goals in mind. No question is too small and no worry is too little to be addressed. With our professionals, you're always safe and never need to worry.

Why sustainable construction with us?

Our experts will work closely with you to define your expectations and your long-term cost-benefit implications when thinking to build green. We offer a personalized approach while never over-looking key points:

  • always look for sustainable and cost-effective solutions for our clients;
  • consider real business value and higher return-of-investment when building green.
  • choose materials and adopt building procedures with little or no impact on people and the environment
  • reduce maintenance costs during and after the construction has been finished.

Solid Base Construct aims to have a positive impact on Canadian society by building with people and the environment in mind. Because what we build, we build to last and the first condition to that is a safer and greener world.