Site Servicing

Mianco Infrastructure provides underground services to commercial and retail developments and residential lands including tie-ins to existing municipal services, installation of underground sewers, watermains, storm water ponds and connections into buildings.

Commercial Servicing

Mianco Infrastructure has completed a number of commercial servicing projects including office buildings, Commercial warehouses, and Commercial Greenhouse complexes. The company’s commercial servicing works include, but are not limited to:

  • Stormwater storage and drainage including storm sewer installation, swale, and ditch.
  • Fire and potable water service installation and tie-ins
  • Sanitary sewer installation and tie-ins

Residential Servicing

With the continual need for residential development, Mianco Infrastructure excels in services that include:

  • Installing new water distribution systems
  • Waste water conveyance systems
  • Storm water sewers, retention ponds.

Stormwater Management

Mianco Infrastructure stormwater management solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Culvert installation
  • Sewer and catchbasin installation
  • Stormwater retention and detention ponds
  • Drain and ditch grading
  • Storm water detention basins
  • Water quality and quantity controls
  • Erosion Control


At Mianco Infrastructure, we are able to accurately and efficiently demolish small to medium sized structures in the safest and most cost efficient manner possible.

Utilizing specialized equipment and techniques, Mianco Infrastructure will execute your demolitions project safely as well as remove both hazardous and non-hazardous materials within ministry specific guidelines. Our team of qualified professionals is capable of notable job performance with quality workmanship no matter what your project entails.

  • Complete demolition and removal of buildings and structures
  • Select demolition of buildings and structures - Structural disassembly - Interior demolition